Baked Rhubarb & Apple Compote

Rhubarb is one of my favourite things to have during autumn & winter.

The smell and tangy taste of it especially when cooked with apple, immediately invokes childhood memories of my grandmother's rhubarb & apple pies. Her pies were always made in large enamelware dishes and contained simple stewed apple & rhubarb with a touch of cinnamon. The top was a delicious short pastry I wish I had the recipe for that was sprinkled with sugar.

Every time I cook rhubarb I think of her.

For today's recipe I wanted to make a compote to have for breakfast or with yoghurt as a healthy snack. Whenever i make something like this, I try to come up with recipes that are extremely versatile.

It couldn't be easier to make.

Enjoy warm with some yoghurt as a snack or dessert

Absolutely delicious sprinkled with our Ultimate Granola.

Use as a topping for your favourite porridge or muesli.