BWF022 - Top 3 Benefits of an Evening Routine

evening routine


Yes, a morning routine really helps you power through your day but to really make your morning routine and your day even more powerful, you need to start the night before.

Here are the top 3 benefits I have discovered from having a simple evening routine:

1.    An evening routine helps you wake feeling more purposeful

This is especially true if you include planning the next days important tasks the night before. Your brain has already dealt with what needs to be done so when you wake, you have a plan to help you get up and get going

2.    An evening routine helps you sleep better

If you include journalling and meditation as part of your evening routine, these two things combined are a powerful way to deal with and release any issues from you day and get more restful sleep.

3.    An evening routine will help you achieve your goals

The key to experiencing this benefit is to review your goals in the evening and make sure you include some small step towards your goals in your planner.  To make this even more powerful, visualise completing this goal in your meditation and how you will feel when you have completed it.

So give it a try today. You only need to spend a few minutes or as long as you like and I guarantee you will start to feel the benefits.

Let me know what you discover in the comments.