Simple Mindful Moment No. 1 - Sit to eat breakfast every day

Mornings can often be chaotic in most households.

School lunches to pack, lost shoes to find, that last-minute essay to print off, hair to be done - the list goes on !! You find yourself spending the morning mostly in the kitchen on your feet or rushing around after people or things in your household.

A really good way to just re-set and find a little purpose to begin your day is to give yourself even just five minutes to stop, sit in a chair and calmly eat your own breakfast.

I often find, that just this small amount of time to eat, look out the window, just stop for a minute, makes for a better start to the day and often can clear your head. You will actually remember those last minute things that might need to be done simply by letting your brain relax for a few minutes. It is really like taking a long slow breath.

Give it a try today - if you have to, get up 10 minutes earlier to make sure you have the extra few minutes to take for yourself.

Sometimes something so simple can have a big impact on your day.

Let me know how it works for you in the comments!

Be Awesome Today!!