BWF019 - Start today and stop making excuses

I wish I had a dollar for every time I hear someone make an excuse about starting a fitness program or not going to training.

'I am too busy, I have so much on I just can't fit it in' or

'I'm too old to do that" or

'I just can't afford it' or

'I don't have the right clothes' or

'I don't know anyone there'

Let me tell you, I could have made all of these excuses myself before I decided to try martial arts and changed my life.

All of these are common excuses people make about a lot of things in life but have another look at them. They are all negative statements which stop you from doing anything.

Ok, so perhaps you don't really deep down want to do anything about getting fit or being overweight and so you are happy to use the excuses to rationalise it to yourself about why you don't do something about it.

But what if you really do want to turn things around for yourself - how do you stop making excuses and start taking action?

Turn the excuse inside out by making it a reason to act instead of a road block.

Let me show you how.

'I am too busy' 

We are all busy. Life is busy. Everyone has jobs, kids, family, community but not everyone lets that stop them pursuing health & fitness. 

You say you are too busy yet you sit down in the evening to watch TV, you go window shopping, spend hours on social media. There is time if you choose to make fitness a priority. It doesn't have to take very long, you can start with only a few minutes a day, but the important thing is to start.  It is all about choices. Choose to get up earlier and go for a walk or do an exercise program, instead of watching one of your favourite TV shows, do a workout. 

So instead of saying "i am too busy' look at where you can carve the time out of your day, put it in your diary, make it a priority and get going.

'I don't know anyone there' 

Well let me tell you, you won't get to know anyone there until you go and make a start. 

I am a naturally shy person and find it difficult to speak to people I don't know. Yet I went to check out a martial arts club and started training at age 39 and didn't know anyone there. All from a chance conversation with a woman at my son's swimming lesson. If I had let my shyness stop me, I would never have become a black belt and martial arts instructor helping others to grow and be their best. I would not have made new friends and become part of a larger family of awesome positive people.

If I can do it, anyone can. Push yourself out of your comfort zone today - you never know what you might find.

So, listen to what you are saying to yourself and change a negative statement into a positive. Change it up and come up with a plan to act instead of a reason to just let things stay the same.