BWF023 - 6 Reasons Why Bodyweight Workouts Rock !

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When it comes to workout routines, old fashioned bodyweight workouts are still among the most effective forms of exercise routine. 

Here are 6 reasons why:

1.  Inexpensive

An effective bodyweight routine does not involve buying any fancy equipment. As the name it self says, bodyweight is just that, using your own bodyweight as resistance to work and build your muscles. 

Depending on what type of bodyweight exercise you choose to include, any equipment need such as a chin up bar, are readily available and can be purchased very cheaply. Often ordinary everyday household items can be utlised in your workout.

2.  Efficient & effective

Bodyweight exercises when done correctly are designed to efficiently use your muscles. They help to create muscle mass, control weight and improve cardio fitness.

Using correct technique there should be no wasted energy or movement needed to get great results.

3.  Easy, scalable and adaptable

Anyone can learn to do effective bodyweight exercises. 

What is even better is that these exercises can be scaled to your range of movement or your fitness level and the technique altered over time to give you an improved workout.

So even if you have never done a pushup in your life before, you can start today with a modified form of this exercise.

4.  Can be done anywhere

As you only need yourself to do bodyweight exercises, you can do these anywhere and importantly, no need to disrupt your routine when you are travelling.

Your workout equipment is you, so there are no excuses for not sticking to your program.

You can do your exercise routine in a park, in your hotel room, on the beach, it is up to you.

5.  Improved flexibility & range of motion

After starting a body weight program and consistently training over time, you will not only see improvement in strength, but you will become more flexible promoting a greater range of motion.

For example you might find that all of a sudden it is easier to pick things up or you can walk further or faster due to improved cardio fitness. 

Such improvements start making life a lot easier and you are more likely to become more active and want to engage in more activities.

6.  Quick

An effective bodyweight workout does not have to take a lot of time. In fact, this type of routine can give great results with even as little as 10 minutes a day.

It is all about applying resistance efficiently and effectively, not how much time you spend


These are just some of the benefits. I encourage you to start a simple bodyweight workout of just a few exercises and commit to doing these on a regular basis over a period of time, say 30 days.

I would love to hear about your results. Leave a note in the comments below.

Make it awesome!