BWF012 - 5-step guide to transform yourself from a worrier into a WARRIOR

There's no doubt about it, life can easily get the better of us all at times.

Events and even day-to-day stuff can overtake every thought and action and your dreams and goals get left behind.

You get rundown and ill, you don't sleep well, you respond badly to little things that are not important.

Heres how to make a start today on the transformation from worrier to Warrior and take charge of the direction of your life to a calmer more centred you.

1. Write it down


What are you worried about? What is keeping you awake at night? Is it a totally real situation or is there a lot of negative self-talk going on? 

Yes you might be in the middle of a real-life situation which is giving you some concerns but more often than not, whatever this is can seem worse at 3am than at 3pm.

An excellent way to start working through whatever is causing you worry is to write it down. Keep a notepad or your tablet or laptop by your bed and next time you find yourself awake and unable to sleep or go back to sleep just write it all down. No need to worry about spelling, grammar and punctuation, just do a brain dump. 

Recently I went an extremely stressful and uncertain time in the separation from my husband.  a myriad of things kept me awake long into the night until I started writing everything down. I would write down my many thoughts and fears, feelings, lists, things to be planned and done, anything and everything that was keeping me awake. Despite everything that was going on, i started to sleep better.

By writing it all down, my brain did not need to keep processing it and very soon I would write before I went to sleep knowing that this would make me more rested and able to do what needed to be done the next day. It was important not only for mental health but physically as well, particularly when you also have a family and business to run in the middle if difficult times. Writing everything down also helped me work through problems and situations as sometimes seeing it on paper allowed for greater clarity and better solutions.

2.  Go for a walk

The benefits of a daily walking habit are well documented and walking as a way to combat worry is excellent therapy.

Not only is walking great exercise, getting out in the fresh air and moving can lift your mood and help clear your mind. I find walking is really an active form of meditation. You breathe more deeply and you can allow your thoughts to just float like clouds without any need to dwell on them. Being outside and noticing the activity around you, listening to the sounds of nature, can have a positive effect on your perspective and sometimes you can see things from a new angle which allows you feel more positive. Just watching the sunrise or sunset or hearing bird calls is calming and soothing and will ease worry. I can guarantee that just 10 minutes of walking a day will result in an improved outlook and you will look forward to spending this peaceful time away from your troubles.

3.   Listen to music.

I know what it is like. You are in the middle of a difficult situation and there is no room for thoughts about anything else. Your mind and whole world become narrowed down to the problem you are in the middle of. and one day blends into the next. I know, I have been there.

Even if it is only for short periods of time, music can help. Have a chilled playlist set on your ipod or phone for playing in your car or during your daily commute and give yourself a little time out from your worries. After a short time, you will come to look forward to zoning out and enjoy the break. Give your mind a rest and you will be better for it.

4.  Make yourself a priority

Easy to say, difficult to do. We are all guilty of making time for everything and everyone but ourselves. Running here, rushing there, go, go, go. Any wonder at times we get ill and stressed.

Start making time for yourself today. Make an appointment with yourself to read a book, go out for lunch, do a yoga class, whatever it is that will make you feel good and give you happiness.

You deserve it! You are the most important person!

By taking some time for yourself, you will find that you are more centred and better able to fulfill all your other duties instead of sacrificing your own health and wellbeing.

5.  Goals & dreams

It is so easy (and very natural) to have a narrow focus when you are in a situation causing you worry. You may have a lot to deal with and find yourself in a dark place.

Believe it or not, if you start to look forward, even if you have no idea of how you are going to get there, having a goal or dream in mind can help pull you up and keep you moving forward.

Big or small, write it down, try to work out what it will take to get you there, what small steps need to be done, even try to visualise it and see if you can make just one small step today. Even taking a small move forward can have a positive effect. You might have many more to go but keep trying to take a small step every day.

We hope some of this information has been helpful.  Let us know in the comments. Leave suggestions for any future posts you would like to see, any other way we can help you get unstuck and be the best you can be today and everyday.

You Are Awesome