BWF011 - Finding strength in adversity

It is not always easy to be strong.

Courage and strength can be two different things and sometimes great courage is needed to be strong.

Strength is never giving up.

Strength is perseverance, staying the course when you know it is right.

Strength is being able to endure to protect those you love.

Strength is standing up for what you believe and valuing yourself.

Strength is overcoming fear.

Strength is dealing with whatever comes at you and not submitting.

Strength is making a change because you know you must.

I believe we all have a well of strength deep within, waiting for when it is needed.

It is what enables mothers to fight for their children. 

It is what helps you in times of great need and gives you the courage to fight on.

It allows you to challenge your abilities and pushes you to be the best you can be.

It keeps you moving forward even when it seems hopeless.

It is always there. 

It is your spirit, uniquely you and it is fueled by what you value, by your love for yourself and others. That is what makes it powerful and everlasting.

Love is the power behind strength.

Believe in yourself, find your well of strength, the warrior that lives within and use it to fight your battle today.


Be Awesome!!