BWF003 - Amaze Yourself! - Top 6 Benefits of Martial Arts Training

1.  Amaze yourself!

I can guarantee that if you start martial arts training, no matter what the style, if you train consistently, you will absolutely amaze yourself with what you can do.

Some of the things I would never have thought I would do but have done through martial arts:

-  become a black belt

- teach whole classes of students of all ages

- demonstrate techniques in front of others without turning a hair

- being ok and laughing at myself if I stuff up

- complete a grading at a state grading day in front of many many higher ranked instructors

- complete full push-ups

- sparring with male and female opponents

- build stamina and fitness

- find a physical activity that I am good at

2. You will become stronger and more resilient

Not only will you become physically stronger through training, your mind and spirit will become stronger through facing challenges and tests. Through being stronger you will become more resilient and better able to face challenges in life outside the dojo. No matter what style you choose to train in, all martial arts styles embrace principles such as discipline, structure, challenge, encouragement, tradition, support,


3. You will meet fantastic positive people

This is one of the most unexpected benefits of doing martial arts. When you join a martial arts club and start training you will become part of another family. At any good martial arts club you will find so many supportive, encouraging and positive people of all ages. Your instructors will be willing to provide whatever help you need to become your best.

This is something people do not realise about the martial arts world until they start training. It is not all about fighting. Martial arts is also about community and helping others to learn and grow to be their best.

If the dojo, gym or studio you go to does not have people like this, you are in the wrong place - find a new club today!


4. You will find the best stress reliever ever!

Training in martial arts requires your full attention when you are in class. As a result, any other thoughts or worries are necessarily pushed to one side in class and you just naturally focus on the task at hand. Not only that, you can take out any frustration or stress or anger during your bag work when you get to hit and kick things - fantastic!!


5.     You will broaden your mind and develop your spirit.


Martial arts trains mind, body and spirit and equips you to become your best. You will grow as a person and face your fears. You will be willing to challenge yourself and come to realise you have no limitations, that you can do whatever you want. You will become more confident and capable and ready to deal with whatever life brings.


6.    You will find a springboard to allow you to extend yourself in other areas of your life.

Since I started training in martial arts, I have grown and reconnected with myself as a person which has given me freedom and confidence to pursue other activities and things I had forgotten I loved such as creating art. Martial arts training allows you the freedom to follow your true destiny by naturally connecting with who you really are and your inner strength. There is no room for faking it.

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