BWF001 - Turning barriers to exercise into positive mantras to achievement

We are all very good and making excuses to ourselves - finding reasons to do or not to do things.

Time to turn negative thoughts into your positive motivational mantras to set yourself on the road to being your best.

MOTIVATIONAL MANTRA 1.     I am NOT too busy - I DO have time!

Promise yourself this - 'I will find time every day to do something good for myself.'
To help you make this happen - here are some ideas:
- get up 15 minutes earlier and do some stretching OR
- go for a walk instead of watching your favourite TV show - record it to watch later OR
- go for a walk in your lunch break OR
- put your exercise time in your planner
- do a 15 minute yoga video instead of checking facebook

"make change a priority and you will find the time'

MOTIVATIONAL MANTRA 2 - I am NOT too overweight- I am NOT too unfit - I CAN make a start!

Promise yourself this - 'I will get moving today and everyday!'
Make a start today and every day and things will change. 
You can loose that weight if you start.
Small steps repeated each and every day lead to BIG results.
Consistency is the key

Some ideas to make a start:

- make a small diet change eg swap a can of soft drink for a glass of water

- park your car further away from your workplace and walk the rest of the way

- take some stairs instead of riding the lift all the way


"You are only as old as you feel!"

How true this is!
Age is not a limitation unless you make it. You need to focus on what you can do not your age.
More often, age can be liberating. You might have more time for yourself with your children (if you have them) may be largely off your hands. I often find too that, the older I get, the less I care about what other people think.

MOTIVATIONAL MANTRA 4. I am NOT afraid - I will FACE any FEAR!

Too often people are held back from trying something new by fear of not knowing anyone, fear of embarrassing themselves, fear of not being good enough or not being accepted and feeling intimidated by others who seem fitter or stronger or faster than them.

I have found that these fears are usually groundless.

I am a very shy person but if I had let a fear of not knowing anyone or embarrassing myself stop me from entering the dojo on that first day, I would not be where I am today, I would not be a better, more confident person because of it.

Yes, I too felt intimidated by others who were fitter or better or stronger than me but once upon a time, they too were the new student who didn't know anything or anyone.
Everyone starts somewhere - black belts are not born, everyone starts as a white belt - black belts are simply the white belts who didn't stop training, who kept meeting new challenges and who kept learning.


Yes, change is not easy, if it was more people would do it.

Commit to yourself to be better.

There are no quick fixes, no wonder diet, no magic potion.

"Change requires focus, resolve, consistency and belief."

Focus on why you want to change, what you will achieve and re-dedicate yourself to pursuing your change each day.

Yes there will be hurdles and obstacles in your way. These are part of life. The important thing is how you deal with these. Accept this and keep moving forward - not every day will be perfect. The important thing is momentum.

Small steps repeated consistently over time will achieve HUGE results.
Anything worth achieving takes time and effort - just begin and keep at it.

You CAN do it.
All you need to do is begin.
Believe in yourself. 

Make a start today!

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