BWF010 - Create your legacy today

How do you want to be remembered?

How do your want your children to remember you? What lessons about life would you like to be able to teach them?

First - be the best you can be - set an example

The ultimate legacy you can leave is the example of a life lived following your passions, unafraid to be you, unafraid to follow your own path, your own dreams, doing what you love. 

Be true to yourself - that is a legacy to leave. Dare to be different. Dare to stand alone if you have to. Look inside and find what has meaning for you and follow that.

By following your own true path you will create an example for others to follow. 

Second - help others to be their best

By having the strength to go your own way, you will inspire others to be their best.

By passing on what you have learned you can show others the  way and help them find the best within them.

By finding purpose and positivity you can help others to create this in their own lives.

Be a positive influence on your children and those around you.


For me, legacy is not about money or material possessions.

If my sons can be not afraid to follow their dreams, to go their own way, to do what they love, to be positive, happy people who inspire and help others then I will have left a legacy that is worthwhile.

These are the seeds to sow. From the base of being true to yourself, and helping other to do the same,  who knows how many people in the world may be touched by your legacy of positivity and love.