BWF009 - Making a comeback - 4-step plan to return to training

Yep, we have all been there.

Once upon a time, 3 years ago, 5 years ago, 10 years ago, you used to be fit.

You used to train regularly at the gym, fitness class, dojo, go running, or play a sport.

One day you stopped. Why? Usually one or more of many reasons. Life got in the way. Too busy. Lack of motivation or interest. The people at the club changed. Whatever the reason, you went from being fit to doing nothing.

Now because you used to be fit, eventually, at some point you get sick of yourself doing nothing, sick of how you look and sick of how you feel. You want to fit into your old clothes and feel good about yourself again.

But it is so much WORK I hear you cry!! It is going to be so HARD to get fit again !!

You know what? Yes it may be hard. Yes it will require work. But, I GUARANTEE you that the results will be worth it. YOU WILL LOOK & FEEL BETTER

Here is your 4-step plan to START to get back to how you used to be TODAY.

1.   Go for a walk today and everyday for 7 days

This is the first step and early morning is the best when the world is quiet and fresh. I suggest you set your alarm tomorrow for 1/2 hour earlier than your usual time, get up, drink a glass of water and go for a walk. You will feel proud of yourself for getting up and out there while everyone else is still sleeping. Just 10 minutes will do. You don't have to walk to anywhere - just walk for the time you have set - say 5 minutes outward and 5 minutes inward.

Now the trick is to repeat this everyday for 7 days.   Take a photo each day. Journal your thoughts about your walk. At the end of the 7 days, challenge yourself to another 7, then another and keep going. Not only will you be getting fresh air and probably some vitamin D, you will be improving your cardio fitness. Every little bit helps!

2.  Start a bodyweight exercise program

This does not need to be anything fancy, just some basic exercises to start working those muscles. Best of all, you can do these at home, no equipment is needed and they do not take much time to do.

Start with some pushups, situps, plank and star jumps.

Just do as many as you can of each to start - if that is one pushup, great!! That is one more than you did yesterday!!

Record how many you can do of each and these will be your starting reps.

Repeat at least twice a week. Make sure you have a rest day in between.

3.  Review and start changing your eating habits

I will bet that along with doing nothing, you have probably been making a few unwise food choices as well. Time to stop. 

Check out our 5 step guide to creating healthy eating habits here 

A good start to building new healthy choice habits is to swap something today and for the next 7 days. If you drink a soft drink everyday, swap it for a glass of water. If you have a muffin with your morning coffee, swap it with an apple. 

Keep this habit and make another swap, building habits as you go. Your body won't require the old high fat or high sugar alternative and you will discover a whole new world of healthy options. Your body will thank you.

4.  Find a new gym, fitness class or dojo and give it a try.

Nothing like trying something new to kick start things. Think about whether you need a venue close to work or home or school and do some research. Ask friend or work colleagues for suggestions but make sure you pick up the phone or drop in to the venue today and commit to a trial.

Good luck!!

Would love to hear how your comeback is going - let us know in the comments below.